Clearin Natural Acne Treatment

Clearin Clearin Natural Acne Treatment

The Natural Acne Remedy

Vaxa introduces Clearin Acne Treatment

When looking for a cure to treat adolescent acne or adult acne, many choose Clearin by Vaxa because it is a natural acne treatment.

Why do people develop acne?

The occurrence of acne is attributed to clogged or blocked pores. The lack of essential nutrients in the body leads to sluggish removal of excess debris that gets lodged in the layers of the skin. This leads to inflammation of the pores, which then infects skin. The presence of acne also called acne vulgaris is a sign that the skin is infected. Inflamed pores can last anywhere from days to years. In more serious cases, scarring can develop due to the body's inability to respond properly to inflammation.

Caution: resist the temptation to touch or squeeze your pimples. This can aggravate your skin infection.

The reason why some people have severe acne and others don't is something that scientists are still trying to figure out. An accepted principle is that acne develops after the age of puberty. This is the period in a person's life when the sebaceous glands are overly active and grow more quickly.

Vaxa has developed a reliable and natural acne treatment. It can be purchased with no medical prescription and it is a Made in the USA product. Because of its natural ingredients, people using Clearin will not experience any harmful side effects typically associated with prescribed medicines.

The Natural Ingredients of Clearin

Clearin is a homeopathic acne treatment made with 100% natural ingredients. The Clearin formula provides the following benefits:

  • Attacks and destroys toxins that are harmful to humans
  • Rids the body of free radicals
  • Eliminates sebum that is lodged and stuck in skin
  • Restores pH balance of the skin
  • Improves circulation (skin is able to receive nutrients, thanks to unobstructed flow)
  • Relieves irritated skin
  • Moisturizes skin

The Relationship of Acne to Stress and Bad Nutrition

Unattractive skin blemishes and acne get worse when an individual is experiencing stress, does not have good eating habits and is deprived of sleep. Acne can also flare up right before menstruation or at the onset of menopause. A sufficient amount of nutrients usually enables the body to renew itself, but when there is a lack of certain essential nutrients, the body has a more difficult time eliminating poisons and toxins in the body caused by free radical activity. In addition to Clearin, we recommend a natural face wash such as Fundamental Face Wash and Sprayology Acne Tonic, a homeopathic acne remedy.

During these trying periods, it helps to consider Clearin as a natural treatment. It is a special formulation that is aimed to provide the body with the ability to fight bacteria. It also acts as a cleansing and purification system inside the body.

It's important to reduce inflammation in the body. One way of doing this is by taking a high potency omega 3 fish oil supplement. The omega 3 fatty acids will not only help reduce inflammation, but will also supply needed nutrients to your skin. For a liquid fish oil supplement, try Metagenics Balanced EPA-DHA.



Why Choose Clearin?

Since 1993, Clearin has been a great help to teens and adults.

During periods of high stress and intense hormonal changes, the body is not as efficient in eliminating excessive amounts of toxins. This condition is compounded especially when valuable nutrients are lacking. What happens after is that the pores remain clogged and inflamed. Pain results, and the appearance of unsightly blemishes and swollen zits can cause emotional problems.

Clearin's all natural ingredients contain key nutrients. These nutrients help the skin to stabilize so that the amount of overactive sebum is lessened. Clearin's formula is recognized as an advanced homeopathic treatment; it alleviates discomfort and goes to work quickly on removing unattractive acne, pimples and other skin blemishes.*


Dietary Supplement
*Note: The FDA has not evaluated any claims made. The dietary supplement product is not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease"


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